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Martial Arts Immortality

It has been consistently proven by every measuring tool of mankind that the greatest effort of a human being within his lifetime, is to pass information that he or she learned, on to those who arrive behind him. This act of information sharing is so powerful that it can at times grant immortality to the person whose shared information is so good, that it continues to get passed by others. That which he learned and taught will never be forgotten along with his name, making him a legend.

The Martial Arts are and always will be legendary. This is because it is the greatest weapon ever created by man, for man. Unlike man made weapons, the Martial Arts require no tools, items, power source, or assembly to operate. There is no required size, sex or age for one to be effective with its techniques. The Values of the Martial Arts teaches us to believe in self, and the capabilities of mankind, not in an object. The practice of it constructs our body and mind into a covert, deadly weapon all while simultaneously instilling a peaceful calm.

The Martial Arts is the only weapon that comes standard with a code of ethics, discipline & values. It is also the only weapon that makes us a better person, the more that we practice it. All weapons were created for the purpose of destroying a human being. The Martial Arts also possess this ability. However, the Martial Arts stand alone as the only weapon that was also created to (and still today does), …BUILD HUMAN BEINGS!

Most of us enter the Martial Arts with views of it as a weapon we can use to defeat the evil people of the world. But when we stay humbly dedicated we learn that the Martial Arts truly are a weapon we can use to defeat something far more dangerous than the evil in others. It is a weapon that we can use to defeat the evil, …within ourselves.

YOU are fortunate if you have been positioned one time or another within your life, to acquire the powers of the Martial Arts. If you like proudly announcing that you are a Martial Artist, then the Martial Arts have aided your life. The information was passed to you and now the ball rests in your court regarding whether you will take active part in keeping alive the legend that you once counted on. Only you know of your experiences and successes in the Martial Arts. …And only you can translate to others how the Martial Arts aided your life journey.

Keeping the Martial Arts alive is not hard. Regardless of where you are, you can always train with your Martial Arts and show a technique to some person who will be excited to learn. Keep your lineage alive by filming and/or taking pictures of you executing a technique or teaching someone else. Post it on your social network and give credit back to where your training came from. Teach your students to do the same. This will create a proud showing and knowing of your heritage while demonstrating appreciation to your mentors.

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