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Jermaine Andre mixed martial arts changed my life, changed my world and changed the way I view other people. I play football, I do wrestling, and I run track, but if I had to choose one activity to do for the rest of my life I would not hesitate to choose this. This has proven to be most important decision and the most life-changing decision in my 18 years of life. I have worked with Jermaine (or Master chief as the students call him) for over 2 years; he not only taught me how to defend myself using effective techniques but, most importantly, he taught me discipline, awareness, and how to harness tranquility. I would strongly recommend this authentic program over any other self defense programs (especially because Mr. Andre is a 4 time national champion in mixed martial arts).


martial artists


You won’t find MMA training like this anywhere else. Jermaine is not only an extremely skilled fighter with all the accreditations and accolades of a world-class champion competitor, he is a masterly teacher. His skill at his craft is matched only by his humbling patience and a fierce belief in his students. He has a grounded quality of common sense and can-do attitude that rubs off on those around him, inspiring the kind of discipline we so crave in a martial art. Yes, you CAN run a mile. Yes, you CAN go another round. Jermaine says jump, and we ask ourselves, “Who knew I could jump so high?” When you attend his classes, you will be challenged beyond the level to which you thought you could rise. And you will love it!


PhD student


To say training at JAMMA has been life-changing is only a start. I have been blessed to be training with Kru Andre for 7-months. I have a disability from which I'm not "supposed to" be moving well. Under Kru Andre's guidance I've been shattering my own expectations —physically and mentally. His wisdom and experience are unsurpassed. Gift yourself to learn from him and you will not be disappointed.




I trained here for a few months while working in St. Louis. I have been doing martial arts on and off for a while now and have done my fair share of private lessons. My experience here was one of the best. Jermaine was attentive the whole time and customized my training to push me at every stage. As a result I have improved in my sparring abilities far more than I have past which was huge personal growth for me. For anyone interested in training, I highly suggest you check this place out.




When I went to look for a place to not only better my fitness but also learn self defense and the different arts that encompass MMA, I was fortunate to come upon JAMMA.
When training here you will not only learn how to execute the art of fighting but you will learn the reasons for each move.
For anyone who wishes to push their fitness to another level while learning and understanding the art of MMA, then this may be the place for you.




I joined in January, I emailed them and Jermaine called me after coming across my email and set up an in person meeting. He was kind, genuine, and truthful about what his program is about and what is required from you as a person. When I started I had pain in my shoulder due to a car accident in 2020 and dealing with a torn labrum in my right hip. Which working 12 hour shifts as A registered nurse was not helping and throughout covid it only seemed to get worse. Leading to being bed bound some days due to the immense pain. It is currently August as I write this and I can say my pain has gone from a 20 on a scale of 1-10 everyday, down to a 2-3 most days. There have been times in training where I was barely able to get through warm ups and basic movements but now I am able to do head high kicks without any issue. Spar other members for 45 mins to an hour without pain preventing me from doing so. When I started the program I was 160 lbs right now I am 185lbs. I feel amazing daily, have gotten compliments on my weight gain because its mainly muscle, by following the diet and exercise routines Jermaine gives, along with x2 weekly individual 1 on 1 learning sessions and now that I have obtained my green belt I am excited to join the class and learn more. If you are looking to learn how to defend yourself and those you love, build self esteem, and make a commitment to the improvement of yourself I can not stress enough, how this is the place you need to be. Sure you can probably join another gym and be a blackbelt in a year but you will be in a class of 100 or so students with little to no individual attention. Jermaine is old school tough and will give in to no excuses but that is what we need in life someone to push us into our greater self and Jermaine is that push. Commit and show up and I promise the rest will take care of itself.

Dr. Inda

S. H.S. Principal

Normandy High School

"Jermaine Andre's program in our school brought together every vital learning objective we desired to achieve. His series of lessons taught our most high-energy students--those most challenging to classroom teachers--the practices, skills, and understandings crucial for academic success. Thanks to the encouragement and collaboration of teachers and administrators, the students who committed to Mr. Andre's program learned the foundations for developing and maintaining self-discipline, composure, self-respect, and the habit of focused observation and listening."

Daniel Isom

College Professor Saint Louis University

Retired St. Louis Police Chief

"Jermaine Andre is an American success story. We all face adversity in our lives and have made bad choices. Very few people are able to hold themselves accountable and embrace the past without letting it define their future. Jermaine had the courage to speak truth to an environment and culture that was destructive. In doing so, he put himself at risk to uplift others. That's a hero in my mind."

Angie S.

Youth Challenge Program Facilitator

Casper Wyoming

"On a whim, from an event already scheduled, Mr. Andre agreed to speak with my students. This is no ordinary group of young men and women. Their backgrounds are similar to Mr. Andre's. He was interactive, motivational, and brutally honest. He answered questions with fervor as well as engaged in a small competition with my students. Much to their chagrin, he won. However, that did not stop them and they continue to work towards that light they now see."

Cortez G

Amateur Fighter & Certified MMA Instructor

"I'm honored to have the luxury of training at Andres Academy. And being a student of Master Chief Instructor Jermaine Andre. I've been an active member of the gym for over 3 years. And have learned so much that is applicable in my everyday life. Not just combat training or healthy eating techniques/habits. But how to be respectful even when you don't receive it in return. How to be determined  even when your back is against the wall and you are tired of taking losses. He has shown me how to be a honored fighter and loving person. I never thought that the martial arts would have such a positive impact on myself. From my religion to my community/family relations. I've learned to work as hard as I can. And never beat yourself up about things that you can not change. I for one give high honors to this man Jermaine Andre. In seeing how a person who comes from nothing persevere  and becomes GREAT. He is indeed a champion fighter but is also a father, son, leader, author, motivational speaker, and just a great person overall. And he is my Kru so you mess with him you mess with me. I stand guard on the principles of what he teaches at the Academy. And I encourage ALL who reads this to come  visit the Academy. And SEE for yourselves firsthand. How much of an amazing teacher he is and what kind of school he has. Please stop by and come and see US. Peace and Love."

Rouziet W

Honor's Club

"I came to Andre's Academy for fitness in the beginning, and in the end, got so much more. The respect, discipline, and training are extremely admirable and motivating, and I have developed a love and passion for the martial arts though this academy. Not only have I achieved superior fitness, I am now continuing to excel in the techniques of Muay Thai and self-defense. Not only have I found body-confidence, I am continuing to strengthen myself physically and mentally. As a teen, this has been extremely important for me and I am grateful and honored to be a part of this academy. Jermaine Andre's training is impeccable, and all the instructors are great, encouraging, and dedicated to what they do. I highly recommend this gym to anyone who's looking to get fit, learn martial arts, or just better themselves."

Zach C

World Champion Fighter & Certified MMA Instructor

When I Started I was a kid who weighed around 125 lbs and was getting bullied. I've been training at Andres for about 6 years and it has made me into what I am today a champion. Not just in the ring but in life. I'm a lot more conditioned, and that has helped me in my job, it has helped me to help others get back up, and it has taken my training to a whole other level. I can train for as long as I want and feel great afterwards. One of the best things that I have achieved from Andres Academy is peace of mind which has led me to think about better ways to do things, helped me get along in school, and helped me to keep calm while dealing with stressful and intense moments. Master Chief Jermaine Andre has been a big help in getting me to where I wanted to be. He has helped me define my technique and gain endurance, strength, and will power. Trust me no other gym is worth your time. I've found out it's a life investment, not just a one time deal. A lot of people want to talk this place down because they are not disciplined enough to understand how it works. If you want to train there you have to help make the place look good as well. I've known Jermaine Andre for quite some time and he would never cheat anybody. He doesn't have a reason to. Everybody he's ever helped has been successful in the gym, with their goals, and in their every day lives. It's about actions not words for words don't mean anything. Anybody can talk a couple of words. He's done more than his part in showing action. Thank you Master Chief Jermaine for all the wisdom and for all that you have helped me through.

Heather A

Vice President, Mom 

"I loved the personalized attention. At my consultation, I was asked to bring in a picture of someone's body I liked so they could further see the goals I was trying to obtain for myself. I had specific goals that I wanted to achieve and it was nice to have Rebekah my trainer in my corner cheering me on. When I would get stuck she was always there to push me to hit my next goal! Body Like That was one of the most rewarding workout program's I have done and the results showed! I appreciated the fact that the workouts were always different so I never got board with the same routine and I always looked forward to going to the gym to see what was next!"

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