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JAMMA Founder & MMA master chief instructor

kru jermaine andre'

Jermaine Andre' is an all American success story that triumphed resiliently through hardships to become, 5x United States Champion;  2x World Champion;  UFC Vet;  Pioneer of the Mixed Martial Arts;  U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame Member;  Trainer of professional MMA & Muay Thai fighters;  Police, Security & Bodyguard Defensive Tactics Trainer/Certifier;  Self-Defense Expert;  Member of ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association);  Member of the “International Martial Arts Council of America”;  “Voice of Empowerment” award recipient from the Megan Meier Foundation;  Life & Mental Toughness Coach;  Published Author;  Youth & Adult Mentor; National Public Speaker & more.  All programs and lessons of JAMMA are written, tested and proven directly by him before issued. 

Learn more about Jermaine Andre' at his website.

Songkron Muay Thai demo
Muay Thaiger autobiography
I.C.E. book
Andre' Students
w/Kru Pat & Kru Ron Smith
Split Kick
WFA Las Vegas
w daughter Kaitlyn
w Dana White
Will Smith, Jermaine & Chingy-compressed
with Don King
Channel 2
News Wyoming
Muay Thai Classic World
U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame Induction
St. Louis Riverfront Times cover
Japan vs USA
Japanese ShootBox World Title
Business Mag

honored elite head instructor

rebekah beck'

Rebekah Beck earned her honor as an ELITE HEAD INSTRUCTOR under the unyielding, unforgiving direct command of Jermaine Andre'.  She trained without complaint or expectations through his harsh, traditional conditions for over 5 years in Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Weapons, Weight Lifting, Road & Track, Security, & Meditation before signing up for Instructor Training & Certification which she accomplished. 


Rebekah has fought and placed 2nd in the Muay Thai Classic World tournament.  She has trained several youth world champions & empowered numerous women through fitness & self-defense.  She is certified in:  Fitness Training;  Fitness Boxing;  Fitness Kick Boxing;  MMA Instruction; Venue Security Procedures; Security Defensive Tactics; Bodyguard Protocol; and Psycho-Motor-Skill Design.    



JAMMA (Jermaine Andre’ Mixed Martial Arts) provides the practical, expert structured, safe, and reliable mixed martial arts training system that allows everyday men, women the chance to learn the TRUE secrets of MMA for self-defense & personal betterment from a World Accredited,  & Awarded former Professional Combatant.


Every JAMMA training program is written individually for each student by Jermaine Andre', to progressively address all unique concerns with adjustments that allow quality development.  Lessons are issued in private 1 on 1 sessions, in a private room where uninterrupted, focused, attention is given to the student at all times.  This boosts the development of students 3x above that of other programs.

Once a week private training students also train together in the Adult MMA Black Belt Program class of their ranking.  This allows registered students collaborate & workout with other students.   

Specialty Training Workshops for groups also available.  Click the link for more info:



It is the mission of Jermaine Andre’ Mixed Martial Arts (JAMMA) to provide a true, reliable, practical, and safe structured combat program that will empower community citizens with the abilities to protect, maintain & heighten their lives.

JAMMA furthermore is determined to enhance the kindness and consideration of trainees through the concentrated development of confidence, courage and calm that quietly forms within training moments into a superior strength that frees mankind from fear, anger, confusion, & hate.  

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The dojo

This is not a gym nor do we behave as if it is.  JAMMA is a "dojo" of traditional values & strict protocols that promise a safe, comfortable setting where lessons can be focused completely on for maximum absorption.

TRUE privacy exists here where gawkers, talkers, etc... can't even get in the building.


The dojo is kept germ & disease free with strict, consistent cleaning, and mandatory hygiene, cleanliness & neatness policies on attendees.     


training disciplines

JAMMA's Training Programs consist of techniques, ideologies, tactics, etc... from varieties of martial art disciplines.  The main contributors to JAMMA's program are MUAY THAI KICK BOXING, BOXING, TAE KWON DO, KARATE, WRESTLING, JUDO, RUSSIAN SAMBO, & JIU JITSU.  JAMMA offers personalized training to fit the needs of every participant.  The main combat training disciplines of JAMMA are:

*The Official MMA Black Belt Program

*Muay Thai Kick Boxing

*Street Self-Defense

*Self-Defense Weapons

*Weapon Disarmament

*Security & Bodyguard Training & Cert

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