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Warrior's Edge" was created for the 1%er who commits fully without options of quitting regardless.  The 1%er who uses hardships as self motivation!  The 1%er who still has something to prove to self.  The 1%er who accepts hard, ego crushing truths over comforting lies!  The 1%er who strives daily to be a better person for self and others.  The 1%er who I can guide & mold into a stronger, faster, healthier, smarter, tougher, greater person with the same formula that empowered me with advantages that allowed me to defeat my enemies, carry my loved ones, dominate my goals and finally, master my life.  Now I am building people like me.  Are you one of them?  For serious inquirers only!  


I am seeking the 1% of people in the world who are ready to invest in becoming a stronger, faster, healthier, smarter, tougher, kinder, better person!  My 1%er Warrior's Edge program includes the lessons & training protocols that have blessed me with dominating life advantages and peace.



There are no DISCOUNTS, DEALS, REFUNDS, or QUITTING allowed because when you make your IN FULL PAYMENT, I IMMEDIATELY GO TO WORK FOR YOU!  Once I am set in motion for you with this program there is no turning back.  I WILL make you 3 times BETTER than you were when you started this 6 month focused program that auto-renews!

Only 5 memberships available at once.  Full interview and assessment is given to determine compatibility and potential to properly complete program before acceptance.  View what is included in this package along with common Q&A below.  

This program is the BEST THING that one can do for self.  These are my secrets to becoming great.  My 1%er program will instill you with power that no one can ever take from you.

Contact TODAY to apply.






6 month Commitment Paid in FULL!   No Refunds!  Only accountability & superior results!

1%er ELITE TRAINING INCLUDES (but not limited to):

-Initial Personal Assessment & Goal Discovery Consultation

-Personalized Program written by Jermaine specifically for only you

-Direct text/phone contact with Jermaine for development guidance

-45+ Scheduled Training/Coaching 1on1 sessions

-Face to Face dojo & on location training


-Virtual Coaching & Home Training Maintenance Assignments

-1 Street Combat Ready Training Style: *MUAY THAI *MMA *BOXING

-1 Street Combat Ready Weapon Training: *KNIFE *GUN *BATON *TOOLS

-MARTIAL ART MUSCLE Weight Lifting Training & Education

-Fat Burning, Muscle Tone Growth Licensed Dietician Food Plan

-Healthy Supplement Dosing plan

-State of the Art Training Equipment

-Full access to "WARRIOR'S EDGE" Blog

-Full access to MMA VIDEO LIBRARY

-Development Assessment Consultations

-Access to Andre's professional associates

-Hard copies of Andre's Published books


                     $50 application & interview fee (non refundable)   Membership auto re-news at the end of each 6 month cycle.  Split payment financing available for approved clients.



Q:  What experience do I need to do this program?

A:  None.  Experience doesn't matter.  This program is about where I am going to take you to from where you are today.

Q:  Am I too old?  I'm 60.

A:  NO!  Age does not matter!  All that matters is mindset?  You have to be committed and accountable.

Q:  What if I have some disabilities?  Does that automatically disqualify me?

A:  HECK NO!  I fought my full professional fight career disabled with pins & staples in my left foot that I could not even move at times.  Additionally, there are people who are in perfect shape who can't accomplish what a disabled person can because of their disabled mentality.

Q:  Can my 3 year old son do it?

A:  I'm sorry but that is too young.  I will interview youth ages 12 and up but I am VERY strict on accepting youth for this program because their parents have to pass the interview with them.

Q:  Why are there no refunds?

A:  People who seek refunds don't commit fully.  They leave themselves a way out to quit when they just don't feel like it anymore.  No refunds forces you to be true for a full year.  Additionally, this is a building process that takes time to happen.  Once you pay in full you become my personal mission and I DO NOT fail my missions.

Q:  What is the process to sign up and be accepted for this?

A:  #1. You need to assure you can afford it.  #2. You submit an application and pay the application and interview fee.  #3. I review your application and call you in for an interview.  #4. If you are accepted you will make your payment then training begins.

Q:  Why is there a fee for the application and interview?

A:  The application process is an assessment and consultation where you and I will discuss your goals, abilities, potential, current lifestyle and other commitments.  I then will tell you my plan for how I will get you to your goal.  We will assess your life to assure that it can fit without bringing disorder to your current life requirements.  The application process actually is where I come up with a personalized plan for you.

Q:  How does the split payment work?

A:  If approved I will allow 2 in full payments instead of the 1 PIF.  However the split payments DO NOT convert it into a 3 month deal.  It is still a 6 month commitment and the full payment still must be made.  There is an additional charge for the split deal.

Q:  What does "access to your professional associates" mean?

A:  Everything for you will be personalized and if I need to refer you to someone for a particular need, it will be someone who I personally trust.  This could be a specialty trainer, dietician, chiropractor, massage therapists, a fellow Martial Artist etc...

Q:  Do I have to live in your state to participate in this program?

A:  No you do not.  You can fly to me every month or two for in person weekend training camps and coaching sessions can be done through video & calls.  Everything else will be assigned and I will help you to find the right places to develop at while away from me.

Q:  Will all of the training be held at your dojo in Richmond Heights?

A:  Much of the training will be held at my dojo but not all of it.  This is a specialty program so we may train at the track, weight lifting facilities, parks etc...  This is about getting you out into the world.


Q:  What if I have to go out of town for a couple of weeks or months while I'm on this package?

A:  It won't matter.  I don't take excuses and you won't make excuses.  You will send me pictures of the workout facility in your hotel or the workout facility that will be nearest to where you will be, and I will write you a program that you will be held accountable to do while away.


Q:  Does it mean I $uck if you don't accept me?

A:  NO!  You can be denied because we aren't compatible, or after your assessment it appears that your prior life commitments won't allow me to provide the full extent of my service to guarantee top results.

Q:  Why is the Martial Arts combat and weapons training titled as "street"?

A:  All that I provide prioritizes self-defense and safety.  Self-defense occurs in the streets.  The rules of the street are way different than the rules in a training center, ring or even cage.  I will teach you the rules of the streets and all of your combat training will be modified for REAL street defense.

Q:  What is the difference between your Martial Arts Muscle Weight Lifting and regular weight lifting?

A:  Weight lifting makes you slow and un-flexible because it tightens the muscles to make them bigger and stronger.  My personally developed way of weight lifting allows you to build strong, attractive muscle while GAINING flexibility and speed.  No one knows this formula because I created it over 20 years ago.  Check the videos back when I was fighting.  I was one of the only fighters in the world who was built the way that I was and could move the way that I could move.

Q:  What days and times do I have to make for training/coaching?

A:  All of your training will be scheduled out to fit sensibly along with your prior commitments.  As I pointed out before, you will be my mission and I DO NOT FAIL my missions.  That means I will meet you early in the morning, late at night, on weekends etc... to get the job done!

Q:  How long are the training/coaching sessions?

A:  It depends on what training is needed to complete the goal for that moment.  They will generally run from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes.  If it is a scheduled camp it can be 3-6 hours.  Your time will be respected for other commitments at all times.  You will be aware of and ready for lengthy sessions.

Q:  What are the empty hand training options?

A:  #1. Pure Muay Thai KickBoxing.  #2. MMA Black Belt Program.  #3. Combat Boxing.  #4. Combat MMA Self-Defense  All disciplines are modified for street defense.

Q:  What are the weapons training options?

A:  #1. Street Combat Knife  #2. Beyond CCW Gun Close Quarter Drawing  #3. Self Defense Tools of; Pepper Spray, PeaceKEYper, Extend-a-Baton.

Q:  Do I have to have a goal prior to applying?

A:  No.  Part of my duty is to help you identify and plan steps for a goal that is sensible for progressing your life.

Q:  Is this for fighters too.

A:  This can be for amateur and/or professional fighters who want to develop a specialized, certain skill and/or mind and character strength.  However this program is not for competition preparation. 

Q:  Does my goal have to be Martial Arts related to participate?

A:  No.  This is an empowering mentorship program that uses Combat Martial Arts training as the development tool.  Your goal may be military, college, workforce or simply self improvement.

Q:  What if I have a serious emergency, is there still no refund?

A:  Life is about working through hard times.  It was during the hardest times of my life that I developed my greatest because I didn't allow anything to excuse me from bettering myself.  I ALWAYS found a way to work around emergencies and many times it was this behavior towards my "emergency" that helped me to develop in ways that are superior to how others can even imagine developing.  I plan to teach you this during this program.  We ADJUST for emergencies, we don't QUIT!  The only thing that we can't work self betterment through is our own DEATH!  My formula will strengthen you during emergencies if you follow my lead.

Q:  Why are you accepting only 5 trainees at a time?

A:  I will be constantly assessing & adjusting the programs of each trainee to assure the maximum results at all times.  The participants will require a lot of my attention so I am keeping the numbers low to assure I always have time to fairly commit.

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