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Choose "cautious & alive" over "neglectful & dead!"

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

A sensible reason that makes it better to be a person who appears to always be looking around with untrusting eyes, is that it can discourage a potential attacker. Yes! This is correct because this behavior alerts to anyone watching you, that you might also see them, and those aren't the stacked winning odds that criminals look for when choosing a target. They seek quick, easy, secluded targets for an easy win. Here are a couple of the traits that criminals look for when selecting a target:

#1. The person who is oblivious of their surroundings and the people around them.

#2. The person who is convinced that they will never be a target so they mindlessly and at times purposely neglect even common sense safety steps.

One of the most highly effective tactics for personal safety is simply not to be careless. It doesn't take much energy or thought to do and it won't make us paranoid or unhappy. The only affect that it will have on our life is better protection of it.

Practice paying attention when in public. Notice all who are around you. Notice people's clothing, car color, shoes, mannerism. Recognize the behavior of people who appear angry, confused or agitated.

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