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What is an idiot?

An idiot as described by the Encarta English North American Dictionary is; IDIOT ; “an offensive term that deliberately insults someone’s intelligence.”

We are all probably more familiar with an idiot being someone who we want to knock the crap out of or at least refrain them from being in our presence. And no matter what definition anyone would like to give we would all agree that an idiot is someone that we don’t particularly like because of something that he or she does.


The intentions of an idiot are usually to somehow serve themselves at your expense. Whether it be by constantly fooling you or making you personally feel or appear to others as if you are the idiot when you’re in their presence, it’s not too difficult to figure out what they want. The only part that may be complicated is figuring out exactly what type of techniques the idiot that you’re dealing with is using to frustrate you. Hence, it must be confessed that behaving like an idiot makes an idiot feel awesome. Sometimes the euphoria that the idiot feels from behaving the way he (or she) does is so great to them, that it becomes an addiction. An addiction that they will fight hard to never break! I personally think it would be more than safe to say that it is an idiot’s intention to make himself appear smarter or better than the people that he or she is dealing with.


Of course the #1 result that you don’t want to reach is to be some idiot’s idiot. And as a speaker of truth I would have to confess that we probably want to make an idiot feel like an idiot when we have an encounter with him. This may someday lead to their not behaving so idiotically.

*HOW CAN YOU ASSURE NOT TO BECOME AN IDIOT WHEN RESPONDING TO AN IDIOT? The idea of Dealing Effectively With Idiots is to 1st understand that we are always going to be faced with idiots so there’s no need to try and hide from them. Having said that, it is my job as a martial arts instructor to teach you strategic counters to not only protect yourself from the idiot’s actions, but to turn their power of idiocy against them and reverse it to work in your favor. So… let’s start learning how to deal effectively with idiots.

(excerpt from book "Dealing Effectively With Idiots" by Jermaine Andre)

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