The Athletes' TRUE Value

The Athletes’ TRUE VALUE

The true, gifted power of an athlete extends much further than we all think, see and have even heard. The athlete’s incredible ability to score an almost impossible goal, make a devastating block, catch a wild throw, land a surprising punch, or even break a world record all fall short of this divine power that exists unknown within most if not ALL athletes. This is because they feel that there is nothing to gain with it. But on the contrary, there is! And even more importantly, there is much that can be lost by it!

It isn’t a topic in the locker rooms or the arena. And even though this power grows greater right alongside the growing skills of the athlete it is not addressed. It isn't even mentioned during contract negotiations even though this element has proven repeatedly to "haywire" and destroy even top athletes' careers, reputations, relationships, and lives. This power that I am speaking of is…


One’s influence can dictate the thinking and behavior of many people in seconds. Fame, talent and fortune influence many of today’s people instead of good deeds, respect and compassion. Athletes are included in the class of fame, talent and fortune. They are viewed by many as beacons of hope and super humans with superior abilities, dependability, resilience, and courage. The Athlete is the one that many who cannot count on themselves, count on!

An athlete’s performance can inspire a person who is about to give up, to try again. Their simple presence can brighten one’s gloomy day. The athlete can even boost a stranger’s self-belief, and desire. The Athlete’s influence can calm a crowd; …unite a family; …empower a community, and instill peace around the world.