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The POWER of feeling "Not UP to it"

Regardless of how intelligent, talented, capable, or dedicated we are, there will be days when we just don’t feel up to it. We may be drained, unmotivated, injured, sick, or even without a reason that we can pinpoint. If we can find a way to weasel out of doing the deed we most likely will and if we can’t, we will assure that our behavior while doing the deed announce that we don’t want to be part of it right now. This can dilute our passion and corrupt our sincerity towards a task or duty that is of great importance to us. The “Not Up To It” moment can guide us to ruin in an instant, that which we spend our life building. This is why we must be educated on how to use this moment, instead of allowing it to use us. Now I will explain how to harness the power of your “Not Up To It” moments.

When we don’t want to participate in what we know we should be passionately doing, the truth of our sincerity is exposed to be tested, measured, judged and either constructed. We allow “Not Up To It” thoughts to enter our mind because we know there is no compensation, reward, or glory that we value acquired for doing it. We can only see discomfort, inconvenience, and self-loss. But a deep truth of power is revealed when we use emotional intelligence to reveal a treasured reward that can be earned by us from only our-self.

Do not repel yourself from your “Not Up To It” moment. Instead appreciate its rare visit to you and embrace the opportunities that it presents for you to initiate, test, assess, judge, and even build self-control, self-discipline, & self-trust. When we push through “Not Up To It” moments we open our mind to the higher level of superior functioning that will direct behavior towards future “Not Up To It” thoughts, to be ambitious & constructive responses. This mindset eliminates prior self-serving, lazy, & irresponsible responses that are unacceptable of good character.

The "Not Up To It" moment is a chance to grow and prove self. Use it!

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