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Throughout my life travel I have become a 5x United States Champion;  2x World Champion;  UFC Vet;  Pioneer of the Mixed Martial Arts;  Hall of Fame Inductee;  Trainer of professional MMA & Muay Thai fighters;  Police, Security & Bodyguard Defensive Tactics Trainer/Certifier;  Self-Defense Expert;  Member of ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association);  Member of the “International Martial Arts Council of America”;  awarded the “Voice of Empowerment” award by the Megan Meier Foundation;  Life & Mental Toughness Coach;  Published Author;  Public Speaker . 


As you can see I've had the fortune of succeeding highly in many areas.  And to be completely honest, I usually instantly soared to the top in whatever craft I chose to take on.  I hold high regard towards my accomplishments, and not for the reason that you may be thinking.  I’m sure we all know that many crave success for either personal glory or finances, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  However, neither of these reasons ever motivated my unstoppable actions that sometimes made other professional athletes appear inadequate when facing me.  My drive was fueled by something different!  I was committed to a campaign that no man or woman could hinder, distract, stop, buy, sell, give or take from me.  And I had no plans of ever allowing anyone to stop my momentum.  Not even me!  Only GOD could stop me if he chose!  What I strived for sat high above all the jeweled trophies, rings and belts that stunned the masses!  My divine goal nested out of the reach of all mankind!  No one could offer my prize to me.  Only I could acquire it for myself.  Because only I could PROVE MY REDEMPTION!

Before I was blessed with opportunities to prove my value, my life was on a path of self-destruction.  I was an INHERITOR of an extremely aggressive form of COMBAT ENERGY that made me a lethal protector.  I had no idea of what this force was and neither did the professional scholors of medicine and psychology.  And MY ignorance of how to guide and control my inherited drive, eventually allowed it to seize control of me.  I became lost to my personal growth, my family and the world.  I was numb to my present, and blind of my future which only appeared hopeless.  I felt that most people could care less whether I lived or died today.  I had no belief or trust in myself, my abilities or my chances in a society that appeared not to want me.  My only friend & hope was a personally developed ego that I would willingly die, and even kill for if challenged.  At the young age of 19 I had accepted that the world was dog eat dog, and all that I was doing was correct to keep me off of the menu.  My mind was devolving to the prehistorical intellect of a wild animal with no plans, or even thoughts towards tomorrow.  My method of operation slowly walked me towards an untimely  death that I invited.  I had no faith or trust in my fellow man, their proposed beliefs, broken promises, or disguised lies.  I would instantly choose death without hesitation before spending a second as another's fool.  No one could intimidate, scare, disrupt or even make me question my state of mind.  I was hard core to the bone, and I planned to remain that way forever with no intentions to ever bow down, or let someone take me out first! 

Many adults of authority despised and deeply feared my aura, manner and even voice that always presented respect towards them.  No matter, my never back down reputation in the streets was well known to them, and that held more authority in their thoughts.  And their ignorance of COMBAT ENERGY limited their categorizing intellect to labels that caused more discomfort and fear.  Detention!  Suspension!  Expulsion!  And eventually even arrest became all that they felt equipped to use against me.  And they were correct in thinking it would affect my behavior.  ...But not in the way that they had predicted.


My young mentality swung open doors for masses of trouble to enter my life, but this didn't slow me down.  It only made me stronger with purpose and justifiable reasoning to keep getting worse.  I developed an entourage of others whose mentalities matched to mine, and we motivated each other to feel good at getting worse.  We adopted the ideology that only we cared for each other, and everyone else was the enemy.  Our combined efforts eventually led us into the world of becoming some of the most important people to law enforcement.  But we had no fear or care towards them or their intentions.  We were armed just as they were.  But the big difference was that we had nothing to lose, and nothing to gain.  All that we had was a point that we were willing to prove.​

​My way of thinking and behaving seemed unchangeable with no hopes of ever convincing me to stand my pride down.  Even my loving mother couldn't get through to me about my willingness to take on the world.  I was a statistic waiting to be chalked up before my 21st birthday.  


Then one day I met a man, a stranger.  A stranger who held great power over me.  ...Power to belittle, mistreat, hurt and even kill me.  But that wasn't the manner that he chose.  He and his staff DID NOT use threats, intimidation, guns, knives, manipulation or even bribery to SMASH through my steel walls that could never be scratched by some of the world's most dangerous.  His method to obliterate the destructive ideology that I defined my way of life was an ammunition that even I couldn't repel.  His technique was to go straight for the heart with a kindness and respect, that made me feel valued.  This consistent treatment guided me to believe that I COULD be accepted and cared for by my neighbors, and that I COULD reach the highest goals within my dreams!  And once these realizations came to truth, there was no more room for my old ways of thinking.  My perception and attitude changed and everyone that I encountered seemed to change with me.  They seemed to have respect, to care and at times to admire me.  I realized that the truth of the world was that whatever type of energy I put off, was what would come back to me.  I could control my situations, opportunities, and at times even other people with positive perception.  My life was mine's to guide and manage.  I had finally acquired the ultimate TRUE power.  At least that's what I thought until my DIVINE GREATNESS surfaced!  My ability to help others see their value just as Duane Shillinger, Gary Starbuck, and their staff had done for me.  These Compassionate lessons that Educated me to Understand and Respect myself and others,  sealed permanently within my soul, binding me to maintain constant, committed belief in the good of humanity!   And most importantly, it empowered me to overpower my inherited COMBAT ENERGY, and place it loyally at my immediate command where it still today empowers me. 

The POWER of kindness and respect offer a long term compromise, that can be accepted by many of those who will not surrender to intimidation or threats.  Additionally, it has the ability to be passed on to other's by the one's who accept it.  I know it can work on others because it worked on me.  

Misinterpreted GIFT in YOUTH and ADULTS!

COMBAT ENERGY is the spirit behind the driving force of people who constantly supersede the norm of humanity.  It is the animistic force that makes the superior fighters, dominating athletes and exceptional soldiers.  COMBAT ENERGY can not be taught or given to another.  Those who possess it inherit it through birth and it is seared into the personality of the inheritor.  It sometimes seems to be a self thinking force that can seize control and steer us to do things that we normally wouldn't.  COMBAT ENERGY cannot be convinced to change, it cannot be tricked to stop, and it cannot be intimidated to vanish.  It is a part of it's Inheritor's personality for ever with the power to enhance or hinder it's Inheritor's life.  ...but that all depends on the Inheritor and the knowledge of their guardians and educators on COMBAT ENERGY.

COMBAT ENERGY is expressing itself stronger now through youth Inheritors as a response to the elevated laziness, and softening in U.S. society.  COMBAT ENERGY requires a proper outlet now more than ever.  But most today are ignorant of its existence because it is a power of the true warriors only recognizable by other warriors.  Youth who unknowingly possess COMBAT ENERGY can be doomed to a young life filled with reprimands, detention, suspensions and possibly expulsions by the adults in their life who don't know about Combat Energy.  To uneducated adults the acts, gestures, manner and behavior of a COMBAT ENERGY Inheritor will at times seem challenging, arrogant and possibly threatening, even though the Inheritor in no way means it in that manner.  Many adults may quickly feel intimidated when face to face with a youth who has COMBAT ENERGY.  This can leads to immature disciplinary action by the intimidated authority figure which  the youth will easily recognize.  This in turn will lead to more inappropriate behavior from the youth that will start a punishment cycle that ends placing most of the hurt on the youth .

COMBAT ENERGY can also be mistaken by parents and doctors as depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, anger issues etc...  when the child's distress simply stems from the lack of a proper outlet to release and nourish his Combat Energy.  Confusing these temporary emotional moments as symptoms of serious mental problems can lead to the dangerous conclusion of improper, mind altering medicating even by a caring doctor.

COMBAT ENERGY is a POWERFUL WARRIOR TRAIT that MUST be recognized, accepted, then properly handled.  When ignored it can rattle the youth’s stability by causing inappropriate & untimely spurts of: aggressiveness, boredom, confusion, rebelliousness, frustration, deep depression and solidarity.  These emotions will then lead to behavior that can be mistaken as a mental sickness.  COMBAT ENERGY CANNOT be oppressed or weakened.  It leads its Inheritor to never “surrender” his or her flag to the oppressor of his COMBAT ENERGY.  Inheritors may resist whole heartedly at times against authorities without ever truly knowing why.  He will only know that he is supposed to do it.  The one who gains control of and learns to wield his COMBAT ENERGY will enhance his life in a way that cannot be explained. 

COMBAT ENERGY also exists within Inheritors who are not viewed or treated as trouble makers.  This is usually because the Inheritor is in surroundings and around people that allow him to flourish his COMBAT ENERGY.  However, these momentarily lucky Inheritors can still encounter future incorrect guidance and oppression attempts if their uniqueness is not classified, and dealt with as COMBAT ENERGY.

Youth COMBAT ENERGY INHERITORS are our potential future GOLD MEDAL ATHLETES!  COURAGEOUS WORLD LEADERS!  ELITE SOLDIERS!  FEARLESS COPS!  RISKY EXPLORERS!  IF guided correctly NOW!  ...if not, they can be just as powerful with their Combat Energy working for others.  

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