COMBATIVE ATHLETES such as MMA FIGHTERS, KICK BOXERS, and BOXERS require POWERFUL Mental Toughness Coaching & guidance more than any other athlete in the world.  RESILIENCE is priority within their mind, body & heart.  While most may assume that the resilience required in a Combative Athlete is in regards to how much they can dish out and take back.  Even though this is highly important, it isn't the only type of resilience that they need.  Aggressiveness has little to do with this crucial stage of resilience that is more important than resilience during game time.  A lack of resilience during game time will most likely lead to the athletes' worse nightmare.  A loss.  But on the contrary, a lack of resilience outside the arena can lead the Combative Athlete to lose more than points or the game.  It can drive him to lose his life.


The TRAINING of the Combative Athletes is what places them and their family members in daily, immediate danger.  The exercise regimen that they endure is DESIGNED to make them VIOLENT, RELENTLESS and UNSTOPPABLE with NO REMORSE for the damages inflicted upon their opponent.  They are even trained to responsively attack harder, and faster with no mercy when their opponent is weak, injured, or even surrendering.  Combative Athletic training takes the civil, obedient mind, and devolves it back to it's primitive, prehistoric state of rage and instinct.  I know this for a fact because, I was a world class, professional combative athlete.

The intent of this programming is not with evil means.  It is simply a process that frees the competitor to think, and perform at the mental state of a BEAST or ANIMAL, making him a more dominating athlete!  When a Combative Athlete attains this dominating mental state, he is very difficult to defeat or stop.  But sometimes this programmed mental state surfaces during ordinary, everyday situations, while dealing with ordinary people.

We hear too often about a fighter who hit his girlfriend, or beat someone near death in a local bar.  These horrible mishaps occur because Combative Athletes are PROGRAMMED to RESPOND VIOLENTLY with MAXIMUM DAMAGING POWER when SHOCKED, CONFUSED, AFRAID, INJURED, INTIMIDATED, PRESSURED, or PRESSURED in preparation for moments in competition when these emotions can surface.  Lack of this skill set makes a Combative Athlete "meat for the lions" in this craft.  They will be easily defeated and their career quickly destroyed. 

Combative Competitors consistently force themselves through torturous regimens, to increase their strength, speed, and accuracy in preparation to attack fast, and hard out of reflex.  This disciplined, warrior lifestyle instills the ability to "respond with lethal force" when required in competition.  Rules and referees are there to keep competitors from seriously injuring or killing each other.  Outside the arena there are no rules or referees to regulate the response when a Combative Athlete is shaken.


The training of the Combative Athlete is with no question, is one of the greatest processes to hone a physical and mentally tough superior person.  It is also accredited for pushing one to the highest levels of athleticism that a human can attain.  It is in fact divine.  However, it is accompanied by an enemy that can strip it's greatness away.  The enemy is the lack of a required, structured protocol to counter this aggressive build up, that will eventually release itself in or outside the arena.  This leaves the Combative Athlete abandoned to ignorantly teach himself to counter that which was professionally programmed into him.  ...And his test dummies are family members, friends and citizens.  

This is why Combative Athletes require expert guidance from a trained Mental Toughness/Life Coach who has experienced, endured, and succeeded that which they are experiencing and will soon face.  MindStrong's "I.C.E. Inner Calm & Explosiveness" coaching program offers this to Combative Competitors and other athletes with Coach Andre' as their mentor.  Coach Andre' educates Combative and Aggressive Athletes, to respectfully understand the dangers of their potential, along with insight that places them in an honored position of responsibility to the community.  They are also equipped with de-escalation tactics for confrontations, and daily mind calming exercises to calm their stress & aggression.  

Combative Athletes are a powerful, beautiful and elite breed.  I.C.E. teaches them to seize control of their aggressive powers to balance their behavior when away from their craft.  This Coaching program is loaded with lessons, tactics & exercises that strengthen self-control, patience, and tolerance.  I.C.E. empowers Combative Athletes to Master themselves in all areas so they can succeed in and outside of the arena.  



Competitors need the mental steadiness to display, maintain and regain emotional control before, during and even after competition.  Even if excitement, anger or fear sneaks up on the competitor, he will require the RE-FOCUSING, and MIND CALMING strategies of MindStrong to reset his breathing, and thinking before all control is lost.  Consistent calm will also help the competitor to ignore distractions.



Competitors have to be prepared to never allow the competition, playing conditions, weather, or any other disturbance to disrupt their passion and drive.  Even if the competition is bigger, faster, stronger and perhaps even better, he or she must present an attitude to take on the challenge, and bring the competition DOWN!  Impenetrable CONFIDENCE is a necessity to be rated with the top players.



The ability to identify, assess, and focus on pertinent information while blocking out the rest is a necessity for the success, and survival of the competitor.  Past failures and mistakes can hold no authority in the thoughts during game time.  The competitor must wield the mental stability to ignore harassment from opponents, and fans along with the anticipated fear of failure that, can make him choke!  



Regardless of the negative opinions, or unsupported acts of others towards her effort, the competitor must remain confident even if the negativity stems from family and friends.  She has to believe in herself even if no one else does.  She must trust her intent and be her own best friend when required!



Misfortune can never hold deciding power regarding the effort, abilities, or hopes of the competitor.  He must maintain a respectable understanding that problems are a part of life, that we have to solve.  Failures and losses during performance are factual information to be studied, and converted into great life lessons.