Hypocritical Martial Arts


When we think of the “best” we think of TRUTH… STERNESS… STABILITY… DEPENDABILITY! And many of us define “dependable” in our minds as something that WE CAN COUNT ON to BE A CERTAIN WAY whenever we engage with it. WE EXPECT it to look the same, sound the same, and operate the same as we remembered when WE INITIALLY ACCEPTED IT as correct. And through this ideology, when it changes into something that we are not familiar with, or worse, becomes opposite of the way that we remember it, it no longer holds a status that we feel we can trust. We feel that we can no longer DEPEND on it because we can no longer predict what it is going to be if and when we engage with it again. This is one of the reasons that some students drop out in the beginning.

I always teach from the start that, “THE GREATEST THING ABOUT THE MARTIAL ARTS IS THAT IT IS HYPOCRITICAL.” When I say this I get looks of awe and sometimes disappointment. This is because most expect the Martial Arts to be strict & disconnected from all other forms of influence or opposites. But the greatest of Martial Artists who use their skill for real combat know that this is not a want, ...it is a NEED!

The Martial Arts hypocrisy that I am revealing is exposed regularly during the intense training and REAL combat moments of Martial Artists who use their skills predominantly in high risk live hand to hand combat situations against other high skilled foes. It is a modification of structured Martial Arts techniques that is needed to survive during real combat, even though much is an exact opposite of initial lessons, and some are the exact things that are forbidden to do. These skills of hypocrisy are usually passed down from an experienced combat Martial Artist to younger combatants.

Beginner students of mine are drilled strictly about 4 critical rules that they should never break or it can lead to their immediate loss during combat. These 4 rules are:

1. KEEP YOUR HANDS UP to protect your head!

a. One cannot block a combination of punches to the head if the hands aren’t up to