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Why I don't expect, hope, or convince...

I am sworn to instruct the powerful lessons of the martial arts with integrity that values the reputation & legacy of the martial arts itself above the needs, wants, wishes, and demands of my self and all beings that I encounter. Every student I accept is appreciated, valued & developed without bias, judgement, favor, or even hope from me of their success or failure. Every students' progress must stand upon pillars of truth that stem solely from their own, self sought intentions. I carry no expectations towards any student's progress, development or even participation. A student must be committed and wanting on his or her own to truly absorb the true life empowering feats of the martial arts. These challenging lessons of personal realization can not be convinced into the un-willing.

"Martial" means "war" which clarifies that the Martial Arts are the War Arts. I hold in high regard the combative foundation of the Martial Arts along with it's still lethal potential. I do not view, promote, or exploit it's power as a game or toy for myself, or even the children who become my students. All formalities and respects of the Martial Arts are obeyed by all who choose to seek my tutelage regardless of who or what they are. The Martial Arts change the people that I bring around it, I do not allow the people that I bring around my martial arts to change the martial arts.

Outside of my habitual mannerism of kindness & respect, exists special attention from me to no one, regardless of their age, sex, size, status, appearance, abilities, personality, relation to me, etc... Every student in the dojo is a blank canvas who creates the image of his or her self through martial arts development. The only thing that comes before training and development in my dojo is safety & cleanliness.

My interest is drawn when a student proves ready to endure the intense martial arts training, that can cross him over to a true martial artist whom I can treat in a more traditionally, harsh manner. This moment of proud development for the student arrives with a level of my concerned attention, that adopts his or her martial arts goals as one of my life missions. This student will no longer be allowed to move at his own pace as he has now graduated to move at my pace.

I believe that the Martial Arts are a sacred gift of empowerment & enlightenment for all of mankind's betterment. I have been blessed and entrusted with a life duty to protect, nurture and cautiously deliver lessons of the martial arts to others. Before my job was to teach Martial Arts I was doing Martial Arts. And even though the job that I do today and have done for over 25 years is the instruction of Martial Arts, the Martials still are not my job. The Martial Arts have always been and still are my honored way of a healthy, morale, safe, considerate, free, life. A way that I strive to pass on to those who come to learn from me. I offer far more than just kicking and punching. To many students I am their mentor, role model, protector, translator, confidant, sense of good, driving force, discipline, validation, assurance, security, and friend.

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