Self Defense is Simple

SELF-DEFENSE is not about being strong, knowing a ton of fancy moves, being tough, or even being courageous. The effective functioning of self-defense should never be restricted to the talented, strong and skilled only. Self-defense must be practical for the everyday, average, and even below average person to use as well as the above average person.

Here are 5 things one should know to execute self-defense effectively against even a bigger, stronger person. :

#1. Know the "weak points" that ALL MEN & WOMEN have. Eyes. Throat. Groin.

#2. Know the strong points of the body that ALL MEN & WOMEN have that can be used to ATTACK these weak points. Fists. Elbows. Knees. Forehead. Feet.

#3. Know WHEN to DELIVER an attack with a strong point to a weak point to get a desired result of weakening an attacker with the least amount of harm to self & creating an opportunity to escape. Finger to eye. Elbow to face. Knee to groin.

#4. Know to execute with full force these techniques when life or body is in endangered by another person. Do not hesitate, hold back, or regret.