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What is a "RIGHT"? Well in my 50 years on this planet I have learned more of what "isn't" a right than what is. And what isn't a right is something that can be taken away from us by another. For something to be a right, we must have the power to maintain ownership of it especially when someone tries to take it! No matter who they are.

The RIGHT TO DEFEND OURSELF is one of the greatest American rights we have as human beings. However, I think many misunderstand "how" it is meant.

When we are told that we have the "right" to defend our self by our government which is backed up by the power of a military force, it doesn't mean that "they" are going to save you in a dark alley when a mugger jumps out. It means YOU should do what you have to do to SAVE YOURSELF and "they" will not punish you for it!

The RIGHT TO DEFEND OUR SELF means absolutely nothing if we can not DEFEND OUR SELF or EFFECTIVELY FIGHT BACK. It would be similar to having the right to vote but not ever knowing how to get to a voting booth. It doesn't matter if we have a right if we can't exercise it to our fullest potential when needed.

Assure that YOU and your loved ones truly know how to defend yourselves or someday some bully, predator, mugger, abductor, robber, etc... may show you that it was never your right because he or she is going to step up and TAKE IT from you.

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