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MMA fight skill nurtures peace

MMA allows us to CHOOSE which "type" of MARTIAL ARTIST we want to BECOME during moments of necessity.

During this fight in Las Vegas against "The Machine Gun Ron Jhun", I was getting my hammies handed to me by him with his explosive knees. Because he was strong and taller than me, he had the advantage of our position in the MUAY THAI CLENCH. So, ...I stopped being a Muay Thai fighter, and transformed into a JUDO PLAYER, changing the direction of the fight to favor me in one second.

MMA teaches us to adapt to the situation that we are facing. It is the ultimate "open mindedness" of the Martial Arts. And it has proven over and over again without argument that this "way" of open mindedness dominates closed mindedness.

This lesson of mindset is PROVED in behavior through MMA competition and remains open to be tested by anyone who says this is false. It is one of the world's first and only solid truths that can be TESTED & PROVEN daily by anyone who claims doubt to it.

When we allow this lesson to roll over into our daily life style we discover that we can function better in our society. We become easier for others to get along with as we begin to see options and understandings that we weren't even listening to, or looking at before.

MMA has shown us a way to peace, through its reality combat. Allow the pain & suffering of MMA competitors to provide a life advantage for you that can help you to keep from pain and suffering. Because there is far more occurring in competitions than just entertainment.

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