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I will start this blog off with a very important, forgotten, and sometimes neglected truth. That truth that I need to "rekindle" is the real definition of the Martial Arts which is; "War Arts" or the Arts of War.

Now we all know that the Martial Arts in today's modern, "civil" society is promoted to communities in more diluted but saleable ways such as, fun, fitness, sport, mental, self control, etc... Now I TOTALLY agree that these elements that are used to boost sales of the Martial Arts are very true and they are a part of the Martial Arts. But they ARE NOT the "main" part that is being learned. Or "should" be getting learned.

For something of today to carry the name and respect of something that is ancient, it must follow the standard of what that "thing" was created and based on. And the Martial Arts were created for and based around FIGHTING wars with hand to hand, or weapons. Therefore IT IS the learning, practice, and mastery of VIOLENCE. That is if you don't want to sugar coat it. And now that we have that truth clear, allow me to explain how mastering the arts of violence, "allow" one to bring peace.

Many years ago back in my adventurous days, I was attacked from behind with a weapon by a person who stood for everything that I had grown to hate. I easily defended myself and dominated him like the hulk fighting a 5 year old. I disarmed him and injured him to the point where he could not stand. When I saw him down I saw the opportunity for me to LEGALLY "murk" this person who represented that which I had waited impatiently to seek revenge on. It was like a gift from God at that moment where I knew I had every moral and legal right to "FINISH HIM!".

But when I took my position to deliver what was going to be a lethal strike, my anger left my body and all that I saw was a creature in need of help. I no longer wanted to hurt him. I strangely even felt sorry for him. So I did not deliver the lethal strikes. I actually helped him up and tended to his wounds. To make the long story short, we became very good associates after this and he actually became a person that I still today feel care towards. This situation turned out far better than I could have ever imagined or dreamed of! It was divine.

Now I hope you're asking, "Now how in the #ell did you whipping his @$$ bring peace fool." Well, allow me to clarify.

My Martial Arts combat fighting skills allowed me to dominate a person who was trying to take my life. My skills allowed me to remain under control and not panic while fighting, and when I was about to deliver a lethal strike, it was with a calm, sound mindset, not a panicked, shocked one. And this calm, sound, mindset allowed me to be who I truly was and behave in that manner instead of "reacting" to the tone that my attacker initially brought, ...hate and death. My "mastery of violence" allowed me to seize control of his violent intent, his violent behavior, and most importantly, violent potential. The Martial Arts helped me to bring peace to a moment inevitably geared for blood.

So, don't misunderstand the TRUE POWER behind the Martial (WAR) Arts and "knowing how to fight"! It doesn't force one to "choose" to be violent. It allows one to choose not to be violent.

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