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Here's why NO CUSSING on the dojo floor!

"Cussing" stems from "curse" word. And here is the definition of CURSE:

-"a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something."

The dojo is a holy area where warriorship is practiced. Warriorship is a development of purity within one where ego and arrogance hold no value or weight. Only truth and sincerity do. And it is truth and sincerity that CRUSH arrogance and ego in a matter of seconds.

When we "cuss" we place a feeling of discomfort in the air towards those whose ears our "cuss" word land upon. I ask, would you cuss purposely in front of your grandmother or someone who you respect in the most high, who does not like cussing? I sure would hope not. Then why do we choose to cuss in front of those who we choose not to hold in high esteem? Are they not valuable enough for us to watch our tongue around them?

For some, cussing is an everyday part of their language. They happen to be fortunate to have occupations and friends who don't get offended by a potty mouth so they let it rip freely. In fact, we as Americans have a military force that will stand behind this "right" to cuss whenever we want, to whomever we want. I will admit that I personally use cussing during fun times with certain adult friends when we are celebrating our freedoms (partying). I light it up like a sailor! But I choose not to cuss around elders, women and children even though I own a business of combat where cussing seems to be a norm for others.

It is very popular for us to use cussing as a weapon to intimidate others, or to establish how serious we are about that which we are saying. For instance...

"Get your hands off of me!"

"Get your motha #ucking hands off of me @sshole!"

The cuss words added power to my words. They made me seem more threatening, dangerous or "tougher" because of the words that I spoke. Cuss words can help us to invoke fear, caution or even admiration just because of what we "say". Cuss words can help us to conjure a delusion of how strong we are.

On the dojo floor there never is a reason for one to use words to try and "convince" how tough or strong they are, because they can use their fists & feet instead to show it. No admiration is given for $#it talking and no fear is established for a heightened vocabulary of harsh language. Cussing on the dojo floor demonstrates nothing but a lack of self-control of one's expression.

There is no place for cuss words on the dojo floor. The dojo floor is a place for human betterment and positive spirits, not negative spirits to cause harm or the "influence" on others, Everything on the dojo floor is earned through one's "actions" not words. Cuss words sully the purity of the dojo air while scarring the tone. Cussing in the dojo rates with farting in the dojo. It disturbs the peace. -Jermaine Andre'

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