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I have ALWAYS given CREDIT to EVERYONE who trained me and/or contributed to that which made my FIGHTING STYLE! I never left anyone out and I will honor them to my death regardless of who or what comes after them.

I ASSURE that my MMA Black Belt Program honors the different Martial Art Disciplines that I have taken techniques from to create this style. Paying homage provides purity, truth, and clarity. Because I informed my students when I showed them an Arm Bar that I learned it from Jiu Jitsu, some of them today are great Jiu Jitsu players. They loved the technique when I showed it to them and they pursued more of that style because I offered them a path through my honesty of where I got it from. I even honored "who" taught me the techniques that I learned.

The "10 Disciplines" that I have combined to create my PROVEN DOMINATING COMBAT REAL FIGHTING MIXED MARTIAL ART all are the reason that I could create it. And each one of those disciplines is better at it's complete, individual discipline than my art or I am. Each individual art is the master of the techniques that I have selected to use from their art. They are the mountains that I have chipped rocks from.

When we don't credit that which helps us to be great, we lose the purity of how and why it was even created. Knowing and understanding "why" something was created helps us to better understand HOW to PROPERLY USE IT!

I tell my students all the time..

"I don't want you to "use" these different Martial Arts techniques when you need them. I want you to BECOME these different types of Martial Artists when you need to."

TRUTH is the only righteousness.

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