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When training on the HEAVY BAG, be sure not to "lean" on the bag or lay on it so it can hold you up. Move around. And don't "push" with your punches. Pushes don't cause knockouts. "SNAP" your punches back after you drive them as far through the bag as they can go.

The punches of Boxing can be executed in combination with lethal power in the blink of an eye in open or congested spacing. Boxing allows defensive & offensive techniques to be executed without the risks that inevitably occur during the execution of many Martial Art techniques . Risks such as:

-hindered balance & movement when lifting a leg from ground to kick at opponent

-temporary loss of footing when lifting both feet from the ground to execute jump techniques

-loss of opponent's positioning & temporary flash blinding while back is turned to opponent during execution of a spinning technique.

-sacrifice of head protection when reaching out to grab opponent

Boxing may not be respected or titled as a discipline in the Martial Arts but it has proven to be a force that provides superior abilities to the Mixed Martial Artist who chooses to add it to his or her arsenal. I, personally place Boxing with high honors my as a combat discipline equal to my Martial Arts disciplines. It is a truth that proves itself consistently in real combat for men, women, and children.

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