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Assess YOU 1st!

Avoid SELF SABATOGE by INTERVIEWING YOURSELF before you get involved with places, people, and things.

Most people that we meet usually have more complaints to give about their lives than praises. Blame is issued towards different people who they have met, different jobs they have held, and different activities that they have participated in. All complaints that probably could have been avoided if they had interviewed the most important person involved in these situations prior to getting involved, ..."theirself".

Before we get involved in anything and/or with anyone we should always run diagnostics on our self to see if we first of all are a good match for the person, place or thing. Here are 2 main points:

#1. What do we want from this person or situation? #2. What are we willing to commit personally? Time? Health? Money? Emotion? Location?

When we are clear on who "we" are, and what we will do, we can be honest and fair to that which we are getting involved with, and we can focus clearer to see if "it" is growing in the direction we want. Plus if we REALLY want to kick things in gear faster, we can assess the situation, or ask the person so we can execute early measurements on where things may end up.

It's our life and our time so it is our responsibility not to waste it constantly diving into swimming pools with our eyes closed while not assuring first that it has water in it. To make the best choices we have to put our selves in check first, and last!

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