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3 inch Punch, for REAL!?

The 3 inch punch FOR REAL executed from the BOTTOM GUARD position. ("They" swore it couldn't be done.)

TIMING & PATIENCE is key during combat. When I executed this technique it had absolutely nothing to do with power as you can see because of my position. It was the precision of my aim and my timing to hit him when he thought I was in a position where I was no threat to him. His "mental" defenses were down so his body would be more vulnerable to pain. The timing was so right that it fractured his rib.

This has to leave us open to wonder even more about the effectiveness of the "death touch". And YES, I do have something to say about that but only my followers of my "Warrior's Edge" get that kind of pertinent information. So be sure to go to and sign up for my MMA Video Library so you can access the restricted "Warrior's Edge" blog!

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