These are TRUE, REAL breakthroughs that occurred with Mental Toughness Clients of Coach Andre' during sessions and/or training.  Clients have agreed to allow use of their breakthrough. 

BE ADVISED that ALL client information revealed in sessions with Coach Andre' are protected under strict privacy policy.

25 year old Female Competitive Fighter & Self-Defense Client

-Client hadn't spoken to mother in several years.  She claimed that it was because her mother was trying to run her life and accusing her of running too wild in the streets and placing herself in danger.  Client had a lot of anger towards her mother with a commitment to never speak to her again if her mother didn't start seeing things her way.  I intervened with client's thoughts and reminded her that she was at that time and currently living wild and dangerously through her behavior of late nights of alcohol  consumption at bars/clubs.  I then informed her that it was unfair of her to make her mother out to be the bad guy just because client wanted to live wild and free.  I ended that she should at least have the decency to admit that her mother is right and not crucify an innocent person just to justify her own actions that are considered as dangerous.  Client cried then immediately called her mother.  Client and mother are close and have broken the child/parent barrier of distrust and dishonesty and are now closer than ever with trust and respect towards each other as adults.  Client still trains under MindStrong's Coaching program.    

16 year old male Life Coaching & Self-Defense Client

-Client verbalized fear of training in class with other members who were there before him.  We assessed his reasoning to be because he was self-conscious of embarrassing himself in front of others and being ridiculed.  I asked him if he had ever embarrassed himself in such a manner before and he replied yes.  I diagnosed his fear as "Sensible Fear" and informed him that it was OK and normal to fell that way at the moment.  We then corresponded about "humbleness" and how it is a very important trait to develop in life for the purpose of building resilience.  I clarified that the Martial Arts training floor is actually the place where it is ok and expected to make mistakes so corrections can be made.  I also clarified to him that everyone makes mistakes on the training floor and always will, even the advanced expert students.  I left him with one last thought that the only thing that would make him "weird" or "awkward" on the floor would be if he didn't make any mistakes and was never corrected.  With a smile he dropped his fear and enthusiasm to enter class and began training filled his heart.  He entered class, made many mistakes, was corrected, mastered the understanding of humbleness and is now a high ranked member of MindStrong's program.       

15 year old female Self-Defense, Mental Toughening & Life Coaching Client

-Client verbalized that she was afraid to attend the normal operating fitness and Martial Arts Classes to improve her skills, fitness and strengthen her Mental Toughness.  We uncovered that one of her reasoning was due to fear of possible injury.  I informed her that her reasoning was sensible and that it was intelligent to have fear of this regarding such intense activity.  Her concern was normal and healthy.  I then questioned if she had ever been injured while participating in this type of training and she responded no.  I asked if someone had convinced her that she cold possibly be injured while participating in this type of activity.  She responded, "No."  I then re-diagnosed her fear from "Sensible Fear" to "Imaginative Fear".  We corresponded back and forth regarding the safety protocols of the classes, the certification, training, and integrity of the trainer, how no one had ever been injured in any of the classes that she would be participating in, and how young many ladies younger, older and the same age as her had and were currently growing in the classes without injury, or fear of it.  Client finally realized that her Imaginative Fear was not a reasonable reason to enough to hinder what she would gain from training in the fitness and Martial Arts classes.  She immediately began classes the next day and within weeks developed at a an impressionable rate while never receiving any injuries.  She still trains today.      

57 year old Male Mental Toughening & Personal Protection Client

-Client expressed doubt regarding whether he could learn Martial Arts hand to Hand techniques to truly defend himself against a real attacker, because of spinal surgery, knee surgeries and many other medical complications.  We assessed his injuries and I diagnosed his fear as "Sensible Fear".  I informed him that his doubt was intelligent and normal regarding the issue.  I then informed him that the idea of the martial Arts was for a smaller, weaker person to defeat a bigger stronger person with Martial Arts ideology, tactics and techniques which that individual person could comfortably, and effectively execute.  I informed him that his concern was no different than the 22 year old, super athlete because I would have to discover what Martial Arts techniques and tactics would work for him and his situations just as well.  The client finally realized and understood that his health conditions had nothing to do with his Personal Protection because I would tailor his training to fit what he could do while equalizing his weaknesses with Skilled Preparedness; Heightened Awareness; Surprising & Elusive Attacks; Covert Weapon Concealment & Use and more.  He would be steps ahead of the person who thought they could overpower him by looking at him.  They're underestimation of him would be his key advantage.  Client began Training and Coaching and is developing at an amazing rate with confidence and skill.              

15 year old Male Wrestling Client

-Client expressed disappointment with being placed by his coach with a fellow teammate who gives up easily and slacks during training.  Client was concerned that this would affect the progressive development of his abilities because he would no longer be challenged in practice.  I informed client that his concern was sensible and that what he feared could become a reality if he allowed his lethargic, new partner to set the tone of their training sessions.  I suggested to client that he should allow his teammate to start in positions where he (the client) is at a strong disadvantage and would have to fight hard to escape or reverse his partner.  I then suggested that he attempt to execute all of the high risk moves on his assigned partner that he was afraid to attempt on those who are of, or near his caliber.  Client's attitude brightened as he realized how he could use his lesser skilled teammate to improve in areas that he normally could never even work on.      

24 year old female Military Client

Client:  I beat myself up sometimes by calling myself ugly and unattractive. 

Andre':  What do you think is unattractive about yourself?

Client:  I don't know.  Nothing in particular.  I just feel that so many girls are far better looking than I am.

Andre':  So you're saying that your husband has bad taste?

Client:  (laughs) No!  I'm just saying that I'm not as hot as all of these supermodels and crap out there so I feel unattractive.

Andre': Allow me to approach this from 3 different angles.  #1. Most of those models DO NOT look that attractive.  They are caked in Make-up & hair spray, lathered with an un-healthy starvation diet, then finalized with the magic of Photo-shop to make the bad parts look like the latest Barbie or Brats doll.  Which leads me to my second point.  #2. Everyone sees beauty differently.  What you see in these women as attractive is not attractive to many of us men.  We can look at the same model and 1/2 of us will say she needs to go eat and put on 20lbs, while the rest of us will say she needs to drop 20lbs.  As long as you're attractive to your mate, you are the most attractive person in the world.   ...And #3.  You have a daughter who you love of course.  Imagine if you told her daily, or regularly, or just once that she was unattractive.  Would you do that or even allow someone else to do that?

CLIENT:  Hell no!  And I would smack the $hit out of someone if they did!

ANDRE":  Of course, because you know that it would CRUSH her confidence!  Well this is what the little @$$hole inside of you is doing to the everyday you.  You're supposed to be your own best friend FIRST and when you say mean things like that to yourself, you tear yourself down psychologically and it surfaces later during important moments.  Plus, the side of you that protects you strikes out subconsciously at the insulting you, creating a war inside your brain over some dumb $#it all while your husband is trying to get come on to you because you're so hot to him, and you're over here in the corner going psycho girl over some crap that you made up in your own head.  

CLIENT:  ...#*ck.  You're right.  (while giving a 1,000 yard stare into a blank corner in my office.

ANDRE: We're going to add some Controlled Contact Sparring Therapy with one of my female Honored Instructors to your regimen to help you settle the battle inside of your head and boost the intensity.

CLIENT:  I can't wait!