A "breakthrough" is THE MOST POWERFUL COACHING MOMENT when a Mental Toughness client has a "realization" of something within their life that has been holding them back, or that can help them to move forward.  It is when the client is enlightened that they actually do have, or had control over the selected topic.  It is the moment when "personal power" is placed back into their hands.  In generic terms it is the moment when the "light" goes on.  


-Gaining access to buried emotions or thoughts

-Discovery of a hidden weakness that has been silently hindering progress

-Discovering a new strength that can be enhanced and used to expedite goal attainment

-Choosing to be honest where dishonesty is usually chosen

-Achieving insight of what is really important to you

-Understanding the true cause and effect regarding circumstances in your life

-Altering perception to mold a bad situation into a good outcome 


There has to be a relationship of trust and a commitment of time between you and your Mental Toughness Coach for a Breakthrough to occur.  Rushing or forcing a breakthrough will only force a wedge between you and your coach while destroying the positive that has already been built.  It takes time for your Coach to get to know you and understand your behavior patterns just as it takes time for your to feel that you can trust your coach with information that you normally wouldn't trust others with.  It furthermore takes time to get all of this information out so your Mental Toughness Coach can assess and weigh it in comparison with your performance.  Then once the truth and trust has been established the testing begins.  Assignments and protocols are issued by your coach for you to try and see what type of result is reached.  Breakthroughs are rarely instant.  Never put a time limit on the expectation of a breakthrough or you are setting yourself and your Coach up for failure.  


Breakthroughs can be small and big. Some can take less time than others.  It is normal for small breakthroughs to lead up to final goal breakthroughs.  However, never assume that the job is completely done, and you no longer need your Mental Toughness Coach, because a main goal breakthrough occurs.  We all change daily and things around us change daily.  New obstacles can be waiting in your path to stop you from achieving your new goal or to destroy the old goals that you have already achieved.  Keep in close touch with your Mental Toughness Coach and schedule regular "check up" sessions.  The human brain and body is no different than a vehicle and your Mental Toughness Coach is the mechanic who assures that the engine is operating correctly to offer your body maximum performance!     


The biggest BLOCKER of a potential breakthrough is dishonesty.  Now dishonesty isn't singled out only to the act of verbalizing a lie to the coach.  The most damaging dishonesty can occur in a clients' ACTIONS & BEHAVIOR.  Here are some examples:


-Training or working hard only when you feel as if you are being watched.

-Not giving full potential during performance measurements and/or evaluations

-Giving falsified excuses when not reaching wanted performance potential

This type of dishonesty creates a false foundation that the Coach has to work from.  This places the coach in a position where his evaluations, assessments and assignments are inaccurate which in turn makes the process inaccurate.  This hinders the development of the client while making the Coach feel and appear incompetent.  Most Mental Toughness Coaches have the intuition to see through dishonesty like this, and many even have tests that they initiate that eventually exposes this type of mayhem.  NEVER be dishonest with your Mental Toughness Coach, because he may expel you from his program.