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Art of the C.U.R.E.


The most powerful life lesson that I learned is that we each have the power to influence the good in others.  We only need to be confident enough to present care & respect towards them.  I have passed through some of the hardest places known to man, with some of the hardest people.  And KINDNESS carried the same power with them as it did with civil, everyday people. 


I use my Art of the C.U.R.E. daily on my students and clients.  It's protocol allows me to present myself in a non-judgmental, caring manner that comforts them to extend more trust to me.  This allows me to better guide them in their mission.  I also use my Art of the CURE on my family, friends, neighbors, strangers, and most importantly... MYSELF!


I teach Art of the C.U.R.E. protocol is taught to those who are trained and certified as Instructors by me.  This assures that the C.U.R.E. will continue to spread the tested and proven effective procedure, that can bring unity back to all mankind.  Please visit my Art of the C.U.R.E. website to learn more about this human empowering ideology. 


-Jermaine Andre'

What does C.U.R.E. stand for?  Go to Art of the C.U.R.E.'s website to find out @         

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